Everyone loves Memes. Elon loves Memes. Even Meme loves Elonmusk and Community. $Meme is simply Memes.
When upset, there's a Meme. The meme is here for you. With its cheerful demeanor, the Meme will blow you to the moon with Elonmusk. Why go to the doctor if you have a Meme? If your spouse is giving you trouble, watch Meme. You're constipated, meet Meme. If you don't know where you are going in life, watch Meme. If you want to be rich, buy $Meme.
Contract: 0x4a645fB8AE60979eDf7f47C5c1A4569b7Fb07851
What is MEME?
Totally safe
Renounced Ownership
Not one can control
No Team token
We not need it
LP Lock
Lock in Pinksale
5% fee for Reflection
High rewards for holder
5% fee add Liquidity
Strong Liquidity
Doge Killer
Bring memes great again
$MEME is inspired by the fee mechanism of $Babydoge - a sustainable project with 5% for diamond hands and 5% add liquidity will make the project sustainable and always attract many big sharks.
10% BUY
10% SELL
Trade on Voltichange to help burn $MEME

*0.25% of every trade automatically sent to the burn address

  • Phase 1 MEME
    - Presale on Pinksale
    - Listing on Pancakeswap
    - CoinGecko/Coinmarketcap Listings
    - 1,000+ Holders
    - Get $MEME Trending on twitter with our memetic power
  • Phase 2 Vibe and HODL
    - Launch
    - More DEX Listing
    - More CEX Listing
    - Even shill for community and more
  • Phase 3 Meme Takeover
    - MEME Tools
    - Tier 1 Exchange Listings
    - 100.000 Holder
    - Huge Partner
Meme Partnership
$Meme represent your emotions! Choose the $Meme that brings joy and happiness to you. Please join our amazing community.